Gemma on working with Nina Ross

“Working with Nina Ross is the best decision I have ever made... Nina took time to understand me, gave me a tailored diet and training plan... For once it’s for me and I feel great, I've actually never felt so good!.”

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Lindsay Jones

"You are serious a miracle worker, 15 weeks and I LOVE my Butt"   Being a single mum with 3 children it is really hard trying to find time for yourself.. However, after the weight creeping on and having a Wardrobe full of clothes that don't fit, I decided to do something about it & joined a gym!! I could never have imagined where this journey would have taken me, into the world of competing in bikini!!! Nina's Secret really has given me the confidence to believe in myself, by believing in me!! The transformation really is unbelievable, not only in body, but my mind too, for which I will always be truly grateful.

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My body and mind are so different since knowing you (Nina). You came into my life when I was at a serious low. I had had body issues for years but more than that I had had insecurity and massive in confidence issues. The training you have given me has made such a difference to both. I may not still have the flattest stomach in the world lol but I have shaved inches off my body, my back my arms my butt looks pretty hot now; and my legs are a million times stronger than ever before. I absolutely LOVE lifting the weights and being fitter. I'm like a different person now. I have the confidence to walk into the gym and feel good.

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Deborah Vickers

Working with Nina Ross is the best decision I have ever made. Being in my mid­thirties, I’ve spent decades on the ‘latest’ and ‘greatest’ exercise and diet fads. Not just time but money buying the equipment that goes along with it. In terms of diet, I've ate just carbs and low fat, no fat and no carbs, high protein, just juices, clean, next to nothing two days a week, right for my blood type (whatever that means), etc. In terms of exercise, marathons (my poor knees), triathlons, swimming, Zumba, Yoga, Spin, Metafit, Insanity, etc. All claiming to make me shredded and ‘toned’. All did absolutely nothing, not that the above are bad, they weren't tailored to me! I was one of 20 in a class, one of millions buying the latest diet book, not a single one was written or instructed for me. Nina took time to understand me, gave me a tailored diet and training plan. It changes every 4 weeks, we're in contact constantly, I can ask questions (sometimes really stupid ones), I send photos, ask about supplements, where I should place my hands on exercises, etc. For once it’s for me and I feel great. I've actually never felt so good. I have confidence for the first time in years and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the coming months.

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Mark Ivers

Working with Nina has been a great experience for me after years of training she, in a professional Manner, righted all my wrongs. Going to the gym for years and playing a high level of sport I had never thought it possible to hurt as much as I did after a Nina Ross workout. Her Plans are excellent. I saw massive improvements within a week and within 6 weeks I had the best body I had ever had. The art to getting in the shape you are looking for is DO EXACTLY what she says in the gym and eating exactly what she tells you to eat. You will not regret a moment. Always there to answer questions and someone I respect because the results came fast.

Before and after picture of Lisa Chaplin - 9 weeks

Lisa Chaplin - 9 weeks

I first met Nina via my husband 3 years ago. She has always taken a huge interest and been extremely knowledgable and helpful when discussing nutrition, health and training subjects.   We became friends, she never pushed me, but listened to my worries and allowed me to eventually reach out to her more formally. I have had a lifetime of health issues. I'm not naturally slim, but never/not hugely overweight, meaning most people I have tried to seek help from have dismissed me (even my (overweight) doctor just responded to my cry for help with “I’d kill for your figure”).    Being petite (well under 5 feet) I have always struggled to maintain a slim figure – even modest bloating around my time of the month has left me unable to get into a lot of my clothes, majority of which have had to be virtually remade to fit my small size. I have always had to work hard at training and diet to remain in shape. YoYo dieting and trying a huge variety of nutritionists and personal trainers which had short term impact for draconian effort.   Nina introduced me to her Secret, and it has been an easy process.  She listened to my concerns and stepped into my head, truly understanding the emotional aspect of always trying to achieve yet frustratingly watching the weight disappear from the wrong parts of my body first, therefore leaving me feeling still uncomfortable in my own skin.     Just by talking to her, she helped shoulder some of the pressure and reassured me. My confidence boost was immediate.   She worked with my objectives and my lifestyle (6yr old daughter and responsibility for running a family house leave me time-poor at times). She came up with an exercise plan which worked for me, fitted in with my life, my capabilities and targeted the areas I wanted….unlike every other trainer who just got me to do the same exercises that everyone else they trained did. She also taught me AND showed me how to eat more intelligently, but without starving myself, leaving me hungry or depriving myself of the foods I love.    I am now feeling stronger physically and in better physical shape in 9 weeks than after doing 4 classes per week for over 3 years.   The results are extremely plain to see, I have received so many comments and compliments from family, friends and even just from people in the gym we go to, including the gym’s personal trainers.   All I can say is, it works. I thought I had tried everything; every diet, plan, training, exercise. I had resigned myself to a life of reminiscing back to ‘when I was thin’ whilst yo-yoing with diet and body shape.   It is without doubt a way of life. I will continue with this plan indefinitely. It’s so straight forward and simple.  Its not dieting, you can (within reason) eat what you like.  I’ve learned to listen to my body and work with what it likes and what achieves better results, both in terms of foods and exercise.   It has been so exciting to watch the development and the rapid and quite obvious change in my body. Nina has targeted my problem areas which have been stubborn and very challenging to do by myself.   Now that I am truly looking like the ‘after’ photos on every trainer’s website, I plan to switch to a maintenance plan in the very near future.   Thank you Nina…. you’ve changed my life, I feel in control of my body for the first time ever.  

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Nina is an inspiration; her commitment to helping me change my physique was never ending. It’s not easy and you have to follow the diet plan to the letter but it is worth it. Nina is there on text or phone whenever you feel low or even when you need advice on cooking! I feel so much better about my appearance when I go in the gym. I’ve got loads more energy and confidence too. I would say to anyone who has tried every calorie counting diet and exercise routine, this is worth every penny and will be the last fitness program you ever try, because it works!

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