Online Programmes

Nutrition & Training From £39.99 per month

We created this package to share both our knowledge and expertise to help you become the best version of yourself possible. This programme will give you all the information you need to reprogram your eating habits, learn to exercise in the most efficient way and begin your journey to Total Body Transformation.

What's in it for you?

This site allows you 24 hour support each and every meal is fully tailored to your specific goal's wether thats to lose weight or build muscle. All our plans help towards your fitness goals, the nutrition plan progresses as you progress, each day when you enter your weight our system completely recalculates your nutritional requirements with this you will never plateau, you will only ever progress.

W are sure you will agree this is more than a once a week trip to see a dieticain or personal trainer for just one hour, with our system you have both 24 hours a day.

IT COST'S LESS THAN £1 per day

  • Month to month Online Guided Diet & Fitness Programme
  • Tailored Meal Plans
  • over 70 dishes and counting
  • Tailored Exercise Plan With Video Instruction
  • Track Your Progress Daily
  • Access to huge discounts with MyProtein, Muscle Food, Under Amour, Gym Shark and many more
  • Last but not least Nina & Brad's Support and Knowledge to help you get a better understanding of nutrition and training so that you do not need a personal trainer or dietician again.

We will save you money, the days of paying a personal trainer £25 per hour should be a thing of the past.

An average PT session costs £25 - to have JUST 2 sessions a week over 4 weeks WITHOUT diet and support would cost you £200. 




Diet Only from £29.99 per month

The 'Diet only'  has been created to share our knowledge and expertise to help you become the best version of yourself possible. Many have training knowledge but the downfall they face is the nutrition element. 

You'll will be able to maximise your training by having a 12 week personalised plan for JUST OVER £1.00 per day

This programme will give you all the information you need to reprogramme your eating habits, the exact meal breakdown to begin your journey to Total Body Transformation.

There has been significant results with my people using the diet plan without doing any training at all.






90 Day challenge 2018

New Year New Me!!! Are you one of those people who put their health, fitness and goals aside from October and festive fun takes over.... well this plan is right up your street! 

The programme will include

  • FULLY TAILORED nutrition plan with over 45 dishes to choose from (our menu is super easy to follow and amazingly tasty)
  • Training plan and cardio advice (cardio is not overkilled)
  • Full supplementation advice
  • 4 week review 
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY (for those who have families our food can be incorporated for the whole family to enjoy)

winner will receive a YEARS SUPPLY OF PEANUT 🥜 🥜🥜🥜 BUTTER


SIGN UP BEFORE END OF DEC TO RECEIVE 15% discount only £75.00 for the FULL £90 .... RRP £89 ... hit the ground running come January....

This ebook gives you an exercise plan plus information to improve your overall health and make amazing changes to your daily life.



Beach Booty

I am a ‘booty’ expert! I know exactly how to build that curvy feminine body that many aspire to have, whilst maintaining an all-round healthy look. 

In this ebook I have included everything you need to follow a weekly exercise plan and it will explain all you need to know to begin building that beautiful body.





Get Me Shredded

If anyone knows how to gain that perfect physique then it’s me. I have been a trainer, mentor and coach for over 10 years and I've put myself through the trenches to achieve that perfect body.

I have structured this exercise plan to strip body fat and build and tone an all-around perfect physique. This ebook will give you great tips and advice to help you along the way.




Make Me Grow

I've made it my mission to understand the principles of muscle gain, without gaining too much fat. I never favoured the idea of ‘bulking’ so I've researched extensively to learn how to gain lean mass without having to eat an unhealthy amount of calories and keeping body fat low.

This exercise ebook will help you build a muscular physique and includes a weekly program with all sets and reps you'll need.